Barrett's Haunted Mansion 2021 Preview


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$13 and $23

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$25 and $35

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What is your name?

Dave Barrett


What is the Name of your Haunt?

Barrett's Haunted Mansion


What is the website of your Haunt?


Can you describe your Haunted Attraction for the upcoming Season?


Celebrating 30 years of fear, we take a look back at our history of haunting with a new take on old favorites. Enter our historical museum where our characters come to life and work your way through rooms filled with unsettling horror. Some of our favorite sets have been brought back, with a bit of an updated twist.


Our second attraction, Condemned, explores the history of McTeel Industries. In August 1992, McTeel Industries was built with a small community within it to produce PW-30, a Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) based pesticide.

In October 1998, A NOx leak was detected from the facility alarms. In the attempt to stop the leak, the staff suffered severe chemical burns. The unsuccessful attempt left the community severely exposed to the gases. Production continued despite the leak.

In January 2000, With the demand for PW-30 falling and costs to contain the leak increasing McTeel was forced to start closing its facilities.

The entire community was locked down on Friday September 13, 2013. Leaving those within to fend for themselves. Studies indicate that the level of NOx exposure has left the survivors’ skin discolored, scarred, and their mental state possibly affected. Due to their altered appearance and forced adaptation to the environment they are now referred to as Coulro-Sapiens.


What are you most excited about for the 2021 season?

We are celebrating 30 years of fear


How Many attractions do you have?


What is the scariest part of the attraction?


From the moment you enter our ticket building, the fear begins with our mini haunt. Waiting in line our creatures will be sure to keep you on edge and once you are inside, the walls close in and you need to find your way through the nightmare.


When did you open?



How are you dealing with Covid for 2021?

Currently (Sept 2021) all of our staff are masked and have strict safety protocols to follow. Though we do not require masks for guests, it is encouraged. Our goal is to make this a safe and fun evening above all else.



What are some of your favorite roaming characters at your attraction? Do they have a name? How did you come up with them? Who is the scariest?

We have a variety of roaming characters, all of whom bring their own terrifying or humorous personality to our haunt. They develop their own characters and are encouraged to improvise throughout the season to improve and be quick with an action or response.


Why should people come to your haunted attraction this year?

We have a long history of haunting and change our attractions every year so that there's always something new to see and experience. Celebrating 30 years is a milestone and in times of Covid, it's more important than ever to support small businesses and haunts who are doing what they can to safely keep the Halloween spirit alive.


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