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Lowest priced nights:

$13 and $23

Highest priced nights:

$25 and $35

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Address: 530 Main St, Holyoke, MA 01040

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What is your name?

Al Liptak


What is the Name of your Haunt?

Demented FX

What is the website of your Haunt?


Can you describe your Haunted Attraction for the upcoming Season?


DementedFX features two terrifying attractions, both of which follow one horrific storyline: "an immoral medical laboratory, ravaged by its own experiments, has let loose a virus that is turning the world into monsters and ghouls.

" Our main attraction is the BioMedCorp Haunted House. In this 30-40min self guided walkthrough, you and your group need to escape the hallways of the BioMedCorp facility and find your way to Professor Friedon, who has "the cure for the outbreak." The 20,000 square foot walkthrough is loaded with GIANT MONSTERS, HOLLYWOOD QUALITY SETS and PROPS, HAIR RAISING SOUND DESIGN, as well as INTERACTIVE VIDEO, that's sure to send you home with no voice.

The MEAT Tank Horror Experience is our secondary attraction. In the years after the outbreak, BioMedCorp has formed its own military, the BMC Mobile Infantry. Victims will join the Civilian Tactical Recruitment Program and hop on board "The MEAT Tank" to be sent on their first mission. The sensory experience uses enhanced audio design, video, animatronics, lighting effects, and simulated movement to send the new recruits on a 4D adventure into the zombie wasteland.

DementedFX includes two giant indoor lobbies with two bars for alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages. Their is also a VIP option that gives you access to our VIP Lounge complete with private bar access and comfortable booths to enjoy your night out at. VIP Tickets are good for one specific hour of your choosing, during that time you can chat with friends and hang out OR just step out of the lounge and head straight into the Haunted House without having to wait in the queue line. VIPs also get a more intimate experience where groups are limited to the group you came with (or less than 8 people on busier nights).

You can find our schedule, ticket prices and more at


What are you most excited about for the 2021 season?

Seeing big crowds enjoy the attraction again.


How Many attractions do you have?


What is the scariest part of the attraction?


We use giant puppets and animatronics with hair raising sound design that really seems to create big scares.


Why did you open a haunted attraction?

Jeremie Lapointe had a passion and vision to create the best haunted house in America.


How are you dealing with Covid for 2021?

As of this time there are no restrictions, however we do follow mass protocols and regulations so things could change.



What are some of your favorite roaming characters at your attraction? Do they have a name? How did you come up with them? Who is the scariest?

We'd rather not give to much away. Our attraction is like a movie, so the more spoilers the less fun the walkthrough is.


Why should people come to your haunted attraction this year?

It's one big horror party with a hollywood style horror movie walkthrough... why wouldn't you want to come here?


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