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Address: 436 Salem Street Haverhill, Massachusetts 01835

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WOW! I was completely blown away after visiting Ravenwood haunted farm in Haverhill MA this past weekend, and you absolutely should fear the raven! Brand new haunt with brand new ideas, setting, and style. From the moment I pulled in I was amazed, I had no idea what I was walking into.  

It was a chilly night and we started walking around where they offer hot apple cider, hot coco, and pizza… pizza is always the best way to start off your night!  The roaming actors were fantastic and interacted with us and everyone around us and were also very helpful when looking for the restroom!  

I was warmed up after my hot coco and pizza, and now it was time to get down to business.  I was a little nervous as to what was going to happen.  It all started with a hayride thru the cornfield and “Judy”, can’t forget our friend Judy, who keeps you company on the hayride. While on the hayride they tell you about the farm and the rules in a very entertaining comical way...a good laugh before getting the crap scared out of you is always good a way start.  

We have arrived and now it’s time to wait in line.  They had a few line actors, one which was very entertaining, dancing and playing music. The line was almost like a little maze and right in the center was an awesome set up with heads in pumpkins along with pumpkin guts (gross).    

Now it’s our turn to enter….very well lit and I was blown away by their set up! I questioned the whole time, how on earth they got electricity in the woods! You start off walking over a few bridges along with people scarring you and one thing really stuck out to me….they lost their rabbit and needed help finding him so the whole time I keep my eye out for a rabbit…  

We get in the woods a bit and we see this giant old house with an old car out front and that set up was fantastic! We entered the house and I absolutely loved it, it totally felt like I was in the 50’s… The actors got tons of great scares on us which is not easy to do as I do not scare easily.  

Now we have gone thru the house and are back outside and it leads you to a broken down house and the first thing I saw that totally stuck out was a GIANT Venus fly trap! It was definitely creepy and creative, definitely made my skin crawl.    

We keep going and I feel like we are at the end and that rabbit I kept an eye out for pops up, I found him! I see tall corn ahead and think it’s over but I was totally wrong! We entered the corn and I immediately got the crap scared out of me.  It’s the perfect set up, tall corn, dull lighting on the path making what lies in the corn totally unknown….I could hear people but I couldn’t see anyone but they were coming and scaring us from everywhere! I felt like while going thru the corn I was going in circles or going the wrong way because everything looks the same, all you see it corn.  I started to panic a little.  

Finally after tons of screams we made it to the end where you get on the hayride and it takes you back to the main entrance where you feel relieved you made it out alive and didn’t get lost!  

My over all opinion of Ravenwood haunted farm was great for a first year attraction.  It was fantastic, unique, creative and very well done! Definitely had a lot of work put into it, and it was long! It took us about an hour to complete everything from getting off the hayride at the beginning to getting on the hayride at the end.  I’m excited to return back next season and hopefully many more seasons in the future.