Your number 1 guide to haunted attractions in New England!

New England Scares is your guide to haunted houses, hayrides, corn mazes and all around  fun in the Fall.  For the last 30 years New Englanders have enjoyed professional haunted attractions delivering scares, entertainment and all around great fun.  There are so many to choose from that we want to help you with all the info you need in decoding your fun Fall adventure.  Oh, and we only talk about the scary ones!

Below are previews of Haunts for the upcoming 2021 season.  Our goal is to give you an inside look at what these haunted house attractions are like!

2021 Haunted House Previews

Field of Screams, RI

Barrett's Haunted Mansion, MA

For 25 years Field of Screams has terrified New Englanders.  Join them in their last and final year of their haunt!  We caught up with Field of Screams in a recent interview to ask them about what they have in store for 2021!  Check out the preview here!

We recently caught up with one of the owners of Barrett's Haunted Mansion, Dave Barrett and got a sneak peak into what Barrett's Haunted Mansion for 2021.  It's going to be great.  Click here to read the full interview! (Read full 2021 preview here)

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2021 Haunt Previews

DementedFX, MA

Demented FX is getting all kinds of buzz.  If you haven't checked out this western Mass haunted attraction, this is the year to do it.  We met up with the folks at DementedFX to get their take on the 2021 season.  Here is what they had to say!

Haunted Grandview Manor, ME

One of Maines top haunted attractions.  Check out the 2021 preview here!

Maines top haunted attraction