The number 1 guide to haunted attractions in New England!

New England Scares is your guide to haunted houses, hayrides, corn mazes and all around  fun in the Fall.  For the last 30 years New Englanders have enjoyed professional haunted attractions delivering scares, entertainment and all around great fun.  There are so many to choose from that we want to help you with all the info you need in decoding your fun Fall adventure.  Oh, and we only talk about the scary ones!


Below are reviews from New England Scares pro reviewers.  Out goal is to give you an inside look at what these haunted house attractions are like!

2019 Reviews

Ravenwood Haunted Farm

Demented FX

Frightfest Six Flags New England

Full disclosure, I was scared heading to DementedFX this year. Is it because I have a phobia of zombies and mutated creatures? Not at all. My fear was based solely on the expectations I had set in my mind. You see, of all the haunts I went to last year, DementedFX was hands down the best experience I had. It is truly that good. While the haunt improved from 2017 to 2018, in my mind, there was NO WAY 2019 would top 2018. About 30 seconds into the haunt, my fears were put to rest.  Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s lay out some fundamentals around what to expect at DementedFX....(read full review)

This year, I finally decided to end my 17 year streak of not making it to Six Flags New England’s Fright Fest.  I showed up to Six Flags New England a little after 3 PM that day (thanks Big E traffic…) and was shocked as we pulled into the parking lot. I had never seen the parking lot so full in the decades I had been visiting.  They had us parking in lot 3 which I didn’t even know existed! The ticket, security, and entrance process was very similar to any day at the park. Thorough and long, but understandable given the amount of people coming in and out of this place.....(read full review)

WOW! I was completely blown away after visiting Ravenwood haunted farm in Haverhill MA this past weekend, and you absolutely should fear the raven! Brand new haunt with brand new ideas, setting, and style. From the moment I pulled in I was amazed, I had no idea what I was walking into.....(read full review)

Barretts Haunted Mansion

When writing a review of Barrett’s Haunted Mansion, it’s hard not to talk about past trips. With 28 years under their belt, their sheer experience in running a haunted attraction is apparent the second you pull into the parking lot.  While 2019 may not be their strongest year over all, you’ll be hard pressed to find such an amazing haunt in the eastern half of Massachusetts. Barrett’s doesn’t compete with other haunts, they compete with themselves year after year......(read full review)